Teamwork is at the heart of conichi. We choose our fellow co-workers with care in order to assure that we are bringing on passionate team players that will help us grow and enrich our vision. Our passion for people goes far beyond the hiring process and every day we are making sure that the atmosphere within our office fosters teamwork and creativity, and is centered around the needs of each one of our rockets. Our team retreat a couple of weeks ago was an intensified version of what we do everyday.
We wanted to thank our whole team for all their hard work and build up our team working skills by creating fun memories. After a short two hour drive, we arrived at Schloss Neuhardenberg, our home for the next couple of days. Between soap car building, canoeing and picnics we had great opportunities to bond, discover and grow as a team.

Since a photo tells 1000 words, what better way to show what went down that to check our photo gallery!


The retreat was a great opportunity for our team to grow closer whilst getting a break from busy Berlin. We came back to the city feeling rejuvenated and ready for the summer months!

Conichi Smarthotel Jun 23