About conichi

After many business trips, Maximilian Waldmann and Frederic Haitz got inspired and saw the opportunity to create a technology solution that speeds up the hotel check-in/out experience which resulted in the founding of conichi in 2014.

Today, we have a reach over over 25m business travelers from leading corporates all around the world who are already using our solution and we are proud to be the bridge between business travelers, corporates and hotels.

With our headquarter in Berlin and an additional office in San Francisco, we believe that great people are the source of great products and services. Our team is driven by enthusiasm and innovation to create the best experience for our customers.

About Smarthotel

Smarthotel by conichi is a solution that removes the pain points of business travelers, corporates as well as hotels. Our certified Smarthotels guarantee business travelers a fully digital arrival and departure process, for a modern, secure and seamless stay.

Our Vision and Values

Push Your Limits

Challenge yourself and others around you to be better, continuously improving and moving forward. We as a company will do everything possible to promote and push you to become the #1 in your field.

Be efficient and stay focused whilst you are trying to deliver as fast as possible. If you feel things are slowing down, pick up the pace yourself and help the team get back to full speed.

Move Fast

Don't Be Afraid

Disruption is our lifeblood and the reason we are where we are now. We break things on our way. Continuously try out different approaches and challenge the status quo through innovative technologies and processes. Some of them might fail. Don’t worry and continue breaking things.

This is your company, take charge of the success and steer it into the right direction. If you don’t like things, change them. You are an entrepreneur and have all the responsibility and authority to take action.

You've Got This

Our Team

Maximilian Waldmann

Bachelor from University of Bath and Singapore Management University, previously worked for Google, Rocket Internet and KPMG. Founder of ThePlac.es City Guide.

Frederic Haitz

Bachelor from Cass Business School, previously worked for DKSH, Credit Suisse and Roland Berger. Founder and COO of cloud managed printing platform ezeep.

Antonio Elena

Head of Product

Caroline Mittendorfer

Global Head of Hotel Sales

Davender Bassi

Head of Marketing

Franziska Schemmann

Area Sales Manager

Giulia de Orozco Dondi dall'Orologio

Talent Acquisition Manager

Julia Jendro

Business Operations

Rohit Dantas

Chief Technology

Svenja Erbrech

Area Sales Manager

Timm Heeg

Head of Corporate