conichi Team Retreat June 4-7th
Between all the crazy roller coaster rides of disrupting the business travel industry, there is always one consistent week to gather all our rockets in one spot – the annual conichi team retreat.
Not only did all members from our Berlin HQ join the event but everyone from Latin America, as well as both coasts of the United States, were present.
As always, our HR and events team managed to keep the location of the retreat a secret until the time of arrival.
After heading north for a few hours, we finally arrived at a beautiful village called Neuendorf located on the island of Usedom.
We stayed at the gorgeous Gutshaus Neuendorf which is a traditional manor house from 1820. The owners renovated the entire building with strictly ecological materials in 2005 and 2015 to create the perfect environment to experience the nature and spirit by the Baltic sea.
The team spent the first of four days in Neuendorf moving into their apartments, chatting with other rockets who arrived from all over the world and exploring the surroundings. The day ended with a delightful dinner and a little boogie at the local Restaurant.
Oldies but goldies!
The next morning was accordingly rough and early for most of us. After a rich breakfast prepared by the team, we started with our first activity: Having all the rental bikes set up and ready to go, we took some hidden little trails through the untouched nature of Usedom to get to an adventure mini golf park. Who thought we would only have mini golf champions working in our offices?
Back at our home for the week, things got a little more serious. On the agenda was our quarterly Town Hall meeting where every Head of Department presented the latest achievements, upcoming projects and the biggest challenges of their respective department. As always, we had vibrant discussions, constructive feedback and had a creative outcome since we were able to focus all our brain power on each topic.
Best of both worlds – activity and productivity!
New day – new secret adventures! Leaving the house totally clueless about what is going to happen, we jumped on the bikes only equipped with our swim gear and the brand new conichi towels. After a challenging off-road bike tour, we arrived at the local water sports center right by the shore. The HR & events team had a wide selection of activities prepared for us such as windsurfing, sailing, stand-up paddling and kayaking…Everyone unleashed their inner child and practiced together or by themselves until being completely exhausted, before enjoying a BBQ  for lunch. After the second round on the water – or for those who already suffered from muscle pain, lying in one of the huge nets taut between the trees – we headed back to our house to start with the last highlight of our trip – the team dinner. And let me tell you this: it was amazing!
The entire team was split into 5 groups: They were responsible for the starters, the mains, the desserts, the service and cleaning. The Gutshaus Neuendorf provided us with a huge kitchen and a BBQ spot to let the magic happen. The long table in front of the old house couldn’t have been set up more “romantically” by the entire team. The effort of every single member of the team made such an exceptional night with dinner, drinks and just one last dance but also to this unforgettable trip of embracing the adventure!
Also a big thanks to all our interns and students for making us such a delicious breakfast on the last morning! Exhausted from the town hall and all the activities we drove back to Berlin already being excited for the next conichi Team Retreat 2019!
Thank you!
team retreat 2

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