Getting through the airport can be a hassle. Standing in line, weighing your suitcases and waiting at the security check – all of these processes take up a lot of time. According to a study by the International Air Transport Association, more than 4 billion people used the plane in 2017. This means that 4 billion people have to go through the same procedure to get on a plane which means: endless waiting hours.

As a business traveler, we understand that your time is limited. Here are our picks of 5 tips that get you through the airport faster.

Online Check-in

The airline has been at the forefront of optimizing and automating processes in order to make sure that the traveler has the best possible experience. Something that has helped millions of travelers and airport employees around the world has been the online check-in. Especially when you do not have to check in bags, you can skip the Check-in counter and go straight to the security control. But not only that, by checking in online you have the chance to choose your seat and get in the early boarding group.

get through the airport faster with online check-in

Apply for TSA PreCheck Status

A study has shown that in October 2018, 93% of TSA Pre passengers had to wait less than five minutes. The TSA PreCheck allows travelers to keep their shoes, belts or light jackets on. Laptops and liquids do not have to be removed from the bags and you do not have to go through the intensive security control. Click here to apply for TSA Pre.

get through the airport faster with tsa pre check

Dress appropriately

The best way to save time at the security screening is to dress comfortably.  Wear belts, jackets, and shoes that are easy to remove. Try to avoid wearing metal buttons or snaps as they will be detected by the metal detector.

Download travel apps

Take advantage of the apps that are offered to track the waiting times at the airport before you book and when you leave home to catch your flight. Keep yourself updated with apps like  TripCase or TripIt.

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get through the airport faster with travel apps

Pack the liquids last

In order to get through the security control faster, it is important to memorize the rules. The most important rule you should remember is the 3-1-1 rule (3.4 ounces, 1 transparent bag, per person). Any liquids, aerosols, creams, pastes and gels are limited to 3.4 ounces or less and fit in a small plastic bag that you have to take out before the screening. To save time, put the plastic bag in last, so you can easily get it out of your suitcase.

get through the airport faster

Planning can make a huge difference in how your experience is at the airport. Therefore make sure to follow these guidelines, and you will get on the airplane in no time at all.

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