Open Positions

Frontend Developer (m/f)

You were born to code and you thrive on working in a close-knit team? We’re looking for an inspiring, engaged and motivated new member of our Engineering team. Right now, our team is like a delicious pizza with just the pepperoni missing from the top - that could be you, bringing your people skills, motivation and enthusiasm for making a great product to our team!  We’re not looking for one stereotype, we’re looking for you - an honest, open-minded and enthusiastic person.

Bring along your Hakuna Matata, passion and the willingness to learn, improving your personal skills, whilst becoming a valuable and integral part of our Engineering team in Berlin.


Why we love conichi

Founded 2015 in Berlin, conichi is spearheading innovation in the corporate travel and hotel space. We believe hotel stays around the globe should be seamless without the hassle of queuing at the front-desk, filling out hotel forms and waking up early to collect an incorrect bill. In order to make this dream come to life, we’ve leveraged the latest technology, transforming business travel stays, allowing the travellers to manage their entire stay easily through a unified experience. The brightest tech-minds have come together to break-through the legacy hotel technology and deploy an unparalleled globally scalable tech stack. With this goal in mind, we have a reach of 25M travellers, global hotel chains and world-leading corporates so far to adopt conichi for their business travels. Furthermore, conichi was awarded as Phocuswright Travel Innovator 2017, Travel Industry Club Best App 2016 and BTN Innovator 2016.


Our entire team believes in execution, focus and sailing fast. If you don’t try it out, you will never know. We’re never standing still. We believe in a diverse team of different backgrounds and personalities, which come together to reach a unified goal of establishing conichi as the default product in business travel.

We’re confident that responsibility needs to be spread evenly and is not a management benefit. The best ideas can be brought to life, regardless if brought forward by an intern or the CEO - there are no hierarchical structures, no cover-your-ass strategies or self-administration. You need to be passionate about what you do and truly enjoy it, otherwise, you will not be successful which means that we cannot be successful.


What your new job will entail

  • Design, Development and Validation of front-end SW for production, based on stakeholders and team requirements.
  • Innovative UX Concepts creation and evaluation (e.g. user studies),
  • Contribute towards wire-framing and design of UI prototypes across different technologies (mobile, web),
  • Integration & Deployment via CI/CD tools along with related quality controls (testing, automation, etc.).

Why you will love conichi

  • Coming to the office should never feel like coming to work, you’re here with friends.
  • It’s good to know that someone always has your back, you win together as a team and you fail together
  • This partly is your company and you will bring it to success, being an essential part throughout the way
  • An ultra-steep learning-curve will take you to the limits and allow you to become better every day
  • You’ll work on something that changes the lives of millions out there and has a huge impact
  • If you’re working late, then we’ll cover that - sushi, pizza or Chinese food
  • We’re not selling shoes online and we’re not building websites, rather are we establishing a new market with a cutting-edge technology product
  • We care about the looks: office, hoodies, MacBooks, you know the chase
  • If you’re happy it will make everyone's' life so much easier, hence we will do everything to give you that smile
  • As you would with friends, we’ll go for beers, sightseeing, hotel nights (there are some cool perks in this industry)
  • A bunch of cool perks: gym membership, drinks and healthy snacks, unhealthy chocolates, conference budgets & free hotel nights (don’t tell your friends or they’ll be jealous)

What will be important to convince us

  • Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • JavaScript (ES6+) / HTML5 / CSS3 (including SASS & transformations)
  • Experience designing and developing web apps
  • Experience Building Node.js apps and integrating with REST APIs
  • Strong understanding of the DOM model
  • Experience consuming Design Assets (Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, etc.)
  • Experience developing applications with Angular or similar JavaScript frameworks, CSS preprocessors and E2E testing suites

We'll be excited to hear from you!