Smarthotel is on a rise and enjoys great attention from corporates, hotels and business travelers from all over the world.

Here are five reasons why business travelers should totally stay at a Smarthotel.  

Fast Check-in/out process: Standing at the reception is a nightmare for all business travelers who only have a limited amount of time. Smarthotel services provide guests with an easy and fast Check-in/out process through the browser-based Smart Check-in/out which includes intelligent payment. Business travelers can start their Check-in before the arrival by submitting pre-filled registration forms, check-out autonomously in seconds and skip the reception.

Easy and secure payment: Cash is almost impossible to track and there is a high risk of theft. With Smarthotel travelers get an overview of all their expenses and can securely pay with all types of credit cards through the browser. As the payment is a fully digital automated process, you do not have to worry about wrongly paid rates as Smarthotel guarantees 100% compliance between the booked and the paid rate at the front desk. 

Paperless Travel: Annoyed by carrying unnecessary paper with you when you travel? Smarthotel travelers have a fully digital experience, from sending pre-filled registration forms to the payment process to receiving the invoice via email.

Simplified expensing: Spending hours doing your expenses can be stressful and exhausting. Smarthotel wants to change that. Through the integration of various corporate expensing tools, Smarthotel makes expensing simple and fast. Guests can organize their expenses online to drive compliance and use their time for more important tasks.

Innovative travel experience: Get on the trend and stay at a Smarthotel! It does not only offer innovative technology but also optimized processes that make the stay more seamless and comfortable.

The popularity of Smarthotel is growing. Is a business trip coming up next for you? Why not choosing a Smarthotel this time?

conichi Jan 29 — 5 min