While business trips may be essential to maintain a healthy relationship with your business partners, they have a negative effect on the environment. As business travel spend is expected to continue to grow by 7%, it is even more important that business travelers take a closer look at their carbon footprint to travel greener.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can become a sustainable business traveler.

Pack lightly

The less you pack, the less fuel needs to be used. So make sure to limit your luggage to one carry-on. It does not only benefit the environment but having light baggage will also help you to get through the airport faster and without a fear that your bag can go missing.

Embrace the use of public transportation or walking

If your meeting is not far away, take the train instead of the plane as it has lower carbon emissions. To get around town share a cab or use public transportation. Especially in an unknown city, taking public transit service can turn out to be more beneficial for you because busses or subways will get you to the right place without you getting stressed about traffic jams or getting lost.

sustainable business traveler

Paperless travel

Nothing is more stressful than trying to organize all the travel documents while keeping track with all the corresponding forms for work. By using conichi’s Smarthotel services, you enjoy a fully digital experience which includes a Smart Check-in/out and intelligent payment without carrying around a chunk of files and papers with you anymore. After your stay, your invoice is sent to you via email.

Reusable bottles and cups

Working on the road is exhausting and encourages people to drink coffee to stay awake.

Americans throw away 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups every year and 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles in an hour. Styrofoam cannot be fully recycled causing disposed styrofoam to be present even in 500 years from now. Avoid using styrofoam and start using reusable bottles and cups to decrease your carbon footprint.

sustainable coffee cups

Climate change and global warming are serious issues that affect us directly and should neither be ignored nor avoided. As the number of business trips is not expected to slow down, it is vital to take action and reduce emissions as much as possible.

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